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Many people in Newcastle are moving into the Highpoint apartments as a way of downsizing.

  • Are you looking to make your next move, perhaps the children have moved out and it's time for you to enjoy something brand new?
  • The family home you have spent many years in, simply is too big. The maintenance and cleaning of  your big home is no longer necessary.
  • You could be wanting to release capital out of your home for travel or enjoying a lifestyle.
  • You are wanting to enjoy the next phase of your life, with ease, in a stylish and new home, all in a location you have always desired.

If this sounds all too familiar, sounds like it is the right fit for you too!

The Top 4 Benefits of Downsizing

#1: A Fresh Start

Moving from a large home to an apartment often gives people a new outlook on life, especially if it’s your first time living in an apartment. Apartment living presents a new opportunity without home burdens such as high property tax payments, higher mortgage or rent payments, depending on the location of the apartment. It can feel liberating to start a new life chapter, and it may inspire you to make other freeing decisions, too.

#2: Less UpKeep

Living in a bigger home means more time spent on its upkeep. From cleaning, maintenance, outdoor home upkeep and the cost to run all of these can lead to a home that is stressful. By downsizing, you’ll have less responsibility, smaller workload, improved cash flow and greater flexibility which all help reduce stress.


#3: Lower Bills

By downsizing and reducing your costs such as your mortgage along with maintenance and energy bills, it can often mean you have extra money in the bank that can be spent on you and enhancing your lifestyle. Also travelling can be less of a headache when you have downsized, especially in an apartment as you can lock it up and go, rather than concerning yourself with ensuring your home has enough security while you have gone.


#4: More Time

With less bills and more time, this frees you up for more fun, spending time with family, getting more rest and just enjoying your home. The best thing is, it’s all up to you to decide how to best use the extra hours you are given!

Ready for a simpler life?

If you're looking for a fresh start, less upkeep, lower bills, less stress & more time to enjoy yourself, then the apartments at Highpoint Charlestown are the perfect fit for you.

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